An integral part of the company's culture, Air Bagan's Corporate Social Responsibility program focuses on supporting our employees, protecting the environment, and offering disaster relief as well as financial endowments and donations to improve the quality of life within the community. Consequently, Air Bagan, in partnership with HTOO Foundation, provides access to food, portable water, shelter and disaster relief to the community.

Air Bagan Contributes US $1.00 from every international ticket sold and Myanmar Kyat 500.00 from every domestic ticket sold to various social welfare organizations in Myanmar. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all Our Valued Customers for their kind contribution by using Air Bagan.

Htoo Foundation Provide Pilgrimage And Excursion Trip For Students From Shwe Nyein San Monastery Education School

Under the leadership of Htoo Foundation patron U Tay Za, the Foundation provided a pilgrimage and excursion trip to Shwedagon Stupa and Yangon zoo garden for sixty eight primary students from Shwe Nyein San monastery education school, eastern Dagon townships on September 9, 2014.
Htoo Foundation’s staff providing this trip, excursion group which consisted students, care takers and teacher ascended from western stairway of Shwe Ti Gone Stupa and paid homage to Lord Buddha with flowers.
After that, Htoo Foundation’s staff ushered the students for being reverence of Buddha to place of photo gallery which exist at that stupa and Lord Buddha Mazzima Trip photo exhibition. At exit of gallery, every student was contributed five hundreds cash to make donation by their own hand.
Moreover, the students studied a bell which was donated by King Thayawaddy on the precinct of Shwedagon stupa. Teacher Daw Khin San, one of the care takers from Shwe Nyein San monastery education school said that students will get a bit of proper historical knowledge as such they got chance to study Thayawaddy King’s Bell which is a historic ancient item.
After that, staff from Htoo Foundation and excursion students group went Yangon zoo garden. Excursion students group having lunch and resting in the garden. And then, they studied interesting wild life animals happily. The students were treated breakfast, lunch and donated stationary, sixty eight backpacks. Beside, Air Bagan donated lunch and a hat for every each student. Kandawgyi Palace hotel also donated Hi-Tea snack and soft drink.
The staff from Htoo Foundation, Air Bagan, Htoo Group Of Companies, Kandawgyi Palace Hotel and excursion students, care takers and teachers took photograph as a commemoration happily after they studied within Yangon zoo garden.
One care taker of grade one student, Daw Aye Mya said “My kid is too young to let her came a lone, so I came along with her. She is on cloud nine. She always wakes up lately to go school but this morning she woke up around 5 pm.”
Htoo Foundation is supporting for development in every sector of country as much as possible and this trip aims comprehensive enlargement of education and general knowledge of the student. Htoo Foundation would like to express acknowledgement to Air Bagan, Htoo Group of Companies and Kandawgyi Palace hotel which collaborated during this trip.

Air Bagan's " iGeen Seasonal Tree Planting " Event for Monsoon Season"

With the aim of saving the environment. Air Bagan and Htoo Foundation have participated in the tree planting event on 6th July 2014 at Hlawgar Watershed Area commencing from 10:00am onwards. At this event, Chairman of Air Bagan U Htoo Thet Htwe, and other responsible persons together with about 150staff of Air Bagan and Htoo Foundation have planted 1080 trees such as Peacock Flower , Mahogany, and Teak Tree etc. Which give shades at the rate of 54o trees on 2 acnes. Similarly, Air Bagan in collaboration with Htoo Foundation will continue to participate in the future social and humanitarian assistance in the needy areas.

Myanmar Women's Affairs Federation (MWAF)

The Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation (MWAF) was formed December 20, 2003. Its mission is to promote the welfare and advancement of women with the aim to enable them to participate fully in its national development. It is a voluntary non-governmental organization for the advancement of all women, regardless of national race or religion. The Myanmar Women's Affairs Federation has the following objectives:

  1. To enhance the role of women in the reconstruction of a peaceful, modern and developed nation.
  2. To protect the rights of women.
  3. To ensure better economy, health, education and general welfare of women and to take measures for their life security.
  4. To instill and foster in women a greater appreciation of their cultural heritage, traditions and customs.
  5. To systematically protect women from violence and provide means for rehabilitation where necessary.
  6. To diminish and finally eliminate trafficking in women and children as a national task.
  7. To collaborate with international as well as local organizations, in ensuring the rights of women in accordance with the local traditions and customs.
Air Bagan proudly supports to Myanmar Women's Affairs Federation ( MWAF)

Air Bagan participate Myanmar Traditional Rice Harvest Competition (Htamane Pwal)

On 13th February, Air Bagan contributed the cost of three pots of sticky rice and uniforms for three teams on the occasion of the competition for Traditional Food (Harvest Celebration Sticky Rice) which held at Shwedagon Pagoda. In the next early morning , Air Bagan Family donated provision for monk such as Htamane ( a special sticky rice made with sesame seeds, peanuts and ginger) and other appropriate gifts at the Full Moon Day of Tobodwe.

9th Annual Donation

On 5th November 2013, Air Bagan Family started off the day at 9:30 a.m with an auspicious ritual of offering for lunch to monks called Soon Kyway, held at the Ma So-Yain Monastery in Mayangon Township. We also donated for the monks baskets filled with robes, alms bowls and other appropriate gifts plus Ks. 1,000,000/- to be used for the “various expenditure of the monastery. In the afternoon we donated Ks. 1,500,000/- each to various humanitarian organizations. The first stop was at the Free Funeral Services Society at North Dagon Township, then Centre for HIV/AIDS patents in South Dagon Township. The other places visited to donate the same amount were the Shwegondine Township’s Residential Nursery under the Department of Social Welfare where orphaned babies and toddlers are looked after: the Ywatha Gyi Psychiatric Hospital; the Mayanchaung Myitta Welfare Centre in Halegu Township which cares for former leprosy patients. In the evening before sunset, we offered nine thousand oil lamps of small shallow terracotta bowls were arrayed all around the pagoda spire and thick cotton wicks were placed in the oil lamps. To offer light to Buddha images or pagoda is a symbolic gesture of giving thanks to Buddha for the enlightenment of his teachings. We also would like to share our good deed.

National Best Social Welfare Team Award

Our heartfelt congratulations to HTOO Foundation for the achievement "National Best Social Welfare Team Award" by the President which HTOO Foundation's Patron U Tay Za accepted the award at the Presidential Residence in Nay Pyi Taw at May 3, 2014.

Emergency help after cyclone Nargis

Air Bagan promptly sent teams of volunteers to give emergency assistance in 2008 when Cyclone Nargis devastated the delta area, where they donated medicine, drinking water, food, clothing, blanket, household utensils and shelter. Air Bagan has also donated goods and funds for rehabilitation of victims after other natural disaster, big or small.

Preparation for Maharsen Cyclone

Although there was no Maharsen Cyclone to Myanmar, the responsible persons of Htoo Group of Companies, Air Bagan, AGD Bank, Aureum Palace Hotel, Htoo Construction, Yangon Airport Group(YAG) and Htoo Foundation had prepared the settlement activities for the Cyclone after math. These preparation was made by collecting USD 1.00 (of) 300per ticket of each Passengers and donated on behalf of the Passengers. We would like to let the Members know that by flying with Air Bagan, you are donating together with Air Bagan to those who are suffering from Cyclone, Fire and Flood disasters. That is why the Members of Air Bagan can be proud of the donations by checking their Member Mileage Report.

Development for Remote Regions

Hand in hand with HTOO Foundation, Air Bagan is actively taking part in developing the Putao region by offering free education to more than 200 students and proper healthcare and financial support to the inhabitants. And even entertainment with famous pop music bands. In addtion a road has been constructed from Putao to reach the bases of Phanakan Phone Yin and Phang Karan ice-capped mountains.

Fundraising event to support the free schools under the NLD Education

The National League for Democracy (NLD) held their second fundraising event to support the free schools under the NLD Education Network from 27 to 28 December 2012 at People’ Park. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Chairperson of the NLD, personally accepted a donation of K70 million from the Asia Green Development Bank, Air Bagan and Bagan Entertainment.

Eye care and treatment program for the Patients of Putao Region with Htoo Foundation!

The second event of the Sitagu-Htoo Foundation Free Eye Testing and Treatment was held from 15 to 18 October in Putato, Kachin State. Tests and eye treatment were given to 1076 patients from 25 villages in the region, eye surgeons operated on 148 patients. Htoo Foundation arranged transport for patients and their families from remote villages and also provided food and bord to out-of-town patients and families. Those who needed prescription eyeglasses were provided for, and those who underwent eye operations were given dark glasses. Patients and their families were given free lunches of biryani rice, and six monasteries, one nunnery and five schools run by churches were each given one bag of rice. The six villages in Machanbaw and Putao townships were also given 100 bags of rice. To commemorate the event, each patient from Putato District was given a sapling to plant in or near their village, by the Abbot of Sitagu Dr Asin Nyar Nisara, Htoo Foundation patron U Zaw Min, Chairman U Htoo Thet Htwe of Air Bagan, and Putato District Administrator U Hlaing Tun. Altogether 1500 saplings were donated towards the greening of 25 villages and wards. For this Free Eye Testing and Treatment event, Htoo Trading, Air Bagan, Asian Green Development Bank, Elite Tech Group of Companies and Ayeyar Shwewar Company each contributed K10 million, and the total f K50 million was further increased by contributions from the staff of these companies and from other well-wishers. On 17 October 2012, the Abbot of Sitagu gave sermons to prisoners of Putao Prison, while Htoo Foundation distributed lunch boxes of biryani as well as other food and useful items to the prisoners. Air Bagan also provided free flights, while Malikha Hotel provided free rooms, all meals and transportation for the surgeons, doctors and everyone involved in this event of good merit.

Donation of Chartered Flight to Chiang Mai.

Sao Sai Mon, Myanmar Monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand was established by King Bayint Naung since the last 445 years. The last Head Monks of the Monastery, Sayadaw U Ah Bar had been expired on Friday of 19 August, 2011. In accordance with Thai Law, only Thai Monks could be substituted in the Monastery if the Myanmar Head Sayadaw expired. Negotiations have been made for the Sao Sai Mon Myanmar Monastery and now the Monastery has been retained to Myanmar. The Funeral Ceremony of Sayadaw U Ah Bar was attended by Sayadaw Ashin Sekainda together with the chairman of Sanga Maha Naryaka and other Sayadaws. In order to attend the Funeral Ceremony by the above mentioned Sayadaws, Air Bagan had donated chartered Flight to Chiand Mai as per the following schedule.
2013 March (8) RGN -------CNX
2013 March (10) CNX-------RGN

Supporting to Gamlang Razi Expedition

With the aim of promoting friendship between Myanmar and America, a seven-member mountaineering team comprising five Americans and two Myanmar nationals is scheduled to climb Mount Gamlang Razi in northern Myanmar on 13th August 2013 under the Co-operation Sponsorship of Air Bagan & Htoo Foundation. Objectives of sponsoring the Mount Gamlang Razi Expedition are:
1. To protect and preserve the natural environment of Mount Gamlang Razi region, the birthplace of Ayeyarwaddy River which is the lifeline of Myanmar.
2. To contribute to the development of the region historically inhabited by Tibeto-Burmese, an ethnic Myanmar minority.
3. To maintain Khakabo Razi National Park by engaging internationally recognized Park Rangers with the collaboration of Gamlang Razi Expedition members.
4. According to the topographical photos generated by the American and Russian explorers, Mount Gamlang Razi is known to be 90 feet higher than Mount Khakabo Raziwhich at present is recognized as South-East Asia’s highest mountain. Upon reaching the summit, the Gamlang Razi using the most sophisticated GPS devices, and if their measurement proved that the topographical photos were correct, a new record for the highest peak in South-East Asia will be established.
5. To utilized the friendship between Myanmar and America gained from Gamlang Razi Expedition as a platform for further strengthening mutual cooperation between the two countries in the fields of education and culture.

Residence of U Thant being kept as a Museum (April 9, 2013)

With the aim to display the historical documents and photographs of U Thant, the secretary General of the United Nations; since 1916 for 10 years including temporary duration with 4 years in 2 terms, his residence is being renovated in order to use as a Museum. 50 million kyats has been donated to “U Thant Residence Restoration Committee” mainly by Htoo Foundation in collaboration with Air Bagan and AGD Bank.

Our Contribution at Yangon General Hospital

A donation of K20 million was made to Yangon General Hospital by the Htoo Group of Companies, Asia Green Development Bank, Air Bagan and Yangon United Football Club, with each contributing K5 Million.

Helping the Flood Victims at Ayeyarwaddy

On behalf of Asia Green Development Bank, Elite Tech, Air Bagan and Asian Wings, Htoo Foundation donated K50 million towards the flood victims of Ayeyarwaddy Region on 25 August 2012. The ceremonary of handing over the donation to U Thein Aung, Prime Minister of the government of Ayeyarwaddy Region, was held in Pathein.

Sharing Our Care and Memorize of 8th anniversary Air Bagan

To commemorate the 8th anniversary of Air Bagan’s Launch, a collective donation from the Air Bagan family was made to Mingalar Youth Development Orphanage of Paya Gyi village, Twante Township, on 13 October 2012. It was the second time that such a collective donation was made by the Air Bagan family. The orphanage , run by Buddhist monks, houses about 1000 boys and girls. The Air Bagan family donated K3 million and the Air Bagan football team donated their first prize winnings of K1 million in the Elite Tech Sunday League. The donations were personally accepted by the abbot who is the director of the home. The boys and girls of the home were given a special lunch of biryani rice, and the Air Bagan family also distributed toys, snacks and clothing.

Donations of Air Bagan’s Staff on first day of New Year

Yangon Head Office, Air Bagan’s Hanger of Airport and Air Bagan’s family of Myitkyina made donations and paid respects to the Monks on the first day of Myanmar New Year.

HIV/ AIDS Awareness Workshop for the Air Bagan Staff

HIV/AIDS Awareness Workshop was being held by Air Bagan in Collaboration with Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS, one of the Sub-group-of CSR, UMFCCI, on May 11, 2013 at Air Bagan Conference Hall. Air Bagan has been the Charter Member of CSR program, UMFCCI since 14 May, 2012.

Iron Cross and Air Supply Live In Myanmar!

All the process of incomes & fund raised will be going to the development of Education, Healthcare, Cultural and Environmental for the people in remote part of the country like for instance in Putao, we would support most of the fund raised there as this place is needed the help most by Htoo Foundation.

Relief work for Natural Disasters

Air Bagan dispatched special flights to deliver humanitarian aids to areas such as to Kyaing Tong for natural disaster relief. Food, drinking water, medicine, clothing and other necessary supplies were transported to the victims of the disasters.

Go Green

Air Bagan's Tree Planting Program is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. The efforts too place in Yangon, Myitkyina, and Putao with the planting of over 1200 trees. Air Bagan plans to reduce its carbon footprint by actively contributing to environmental sustainability.

Air Bagan and Htoo Foundation’s Tree Planting Event for Monsoon Season

With the aim of saving the environment. Air Bagan and Htoo Foundation have participated in the tree planting event on 20th July 2013 at Hlawgar Watershed Area commencing from 9:00am onwards. At this event, Chairman of Htoo Foundation U KyawThiha, Chairman of Air Bagan U HtooThetHtwe, Managing Director of Air Bagan U TheinZaw and other responsible persons together with about 150staff of Air Bagan and Htoo Foundation have planted 1,620 trees such as Peacock Flower, Star-Flower, Mahogany, Pyinma,Neem and Water Neem Tree etc. which give shades at the rate of 540 trees on 3 acres. Similarly, Air Bagan in collaboration with Htoo Foundation will continue to participate in the future social and humanitarian assistance in the needy areas.